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Terms of sale and delivery


Drop-in users:
The user connects the car to the charger, finds the charger via plugpay.no and four-digit code. Or by scanning the QR code on the charging station. The user sees the price structure for the charge, accepts the sales and delivery conditions and selects «start charging». Estimated amount is reserved with 3rd party (NETS) and charging starts. After charging is completed, the user is deducted according to the actual cost of charging.

Regular users:
The user connects the car to the charger, starts charging via RFID chip. The user is familiar with the price structure for charging or can find it via plugpay.no.

The user is responsible for the safe storage of the RFID tag to avoid misuse. Lost chip or suspected misuse must be notified to PlugPay immediately. The user's consumption is invoiced free of charge and in arrears, once per month. A fee-free invoice is sent, with 14-day payment terms. In the event of late payment, PlugPay will charge a fee and interest in accordance with the Act on interest in the event of late payment. If payment is not made after the reminder is due, the user's access to the charging system will be deactivated. Reminders and any debt collection are handled by 3rd parties (Axactor).

Calculation basis and responsibility
The user is responsible for visual inspection of the charging station before connection. If the charging station is damaged, report it to PlugPay.

It is the user's responsibility to ensure that the vehicle has the right conditions to be able to charge at the charging station, and that charging starts and ends correctly. See information on the charging station.

Under no circumstances will PlugPay be liable for inconveniences, losses or other consequences of any kind that users or others incur as a result of the charging station being out of operation or otherwise not functioning as intended.

The user accepts that where the charging station's price is calculated according to the consumption of kWt, the charger's integrated current meter is used for the calculation. The accuracy of this is +/- 1%.

Disputes and changes
Disputes between the user and PlugPay must be resolved amicably.

The regular users are familiar with the development in the industry. We therefore reserve the right to change these terms to adapt to operations and / or the market. The user must be informed of changes in the conditions with 30 days notice on the website. Changes do not have retroactive effect. The terms must always be dated with the date they came into force.